Learning my body type: The Endomorph (aka: fat retainer)

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What did I call myself?!? Endomorph? Fat retainer? What the heck is that?! And could you, just possibly, be an endomorph too?

Maybe, and maybe not. You could fall into one of three body types actually: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph.

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Have you heard of body typing? I hadn’t until a few months ago when one of my idols, Chalene Johnson, mention it. And even though she’s been my go-to girl for health and fitness, (and life honestly) for a long time, I still brushed it under the rug. More work! Just another pawn to put into play when trying to get fit and healthy I thought.

But, when I stumbled upon it again a few weeks ago and did a little deeper research, many of the things I found out about Endomorphs fit me exactly. My interest was peaked. What I found was not only fascinating, but freeing. I’m not the only one going through these body struggles. There’s a “type” out there like me who know all about it. And maybe by knowing my type, I can now start to implement what works for other Endomorphs to achieve my goals.

First off: The difference in body types

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 Testing for your body type

Reading about the endomorph was like reading about all my past weight loss struggles. I kept saying “Yes, that’s me!” outloud as I learned more and more about how endomorphs operate. However, I also resonated with a few of the mesomorph traits. My shoulders are wider than my hips, and even with extra weight on my body you can still see some muscle definition in certain areas. How convenient then, that Bodybuilder.com had a body typing test. (My results were 81% endomorph and 19% mesomorph) I’ll link to it here, but be aware, don’t take a test and just assume it’s true because someone else deemed it so. I saw that the results correspond to my past experiences and added up for me. This test seemed to be fairly accurate for me. 

The Endomorph

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So then, how is an endomorph to get in shape and drop some pounds?

Cardio seems to be king for us, and not simply cardio, but cardio at a high intensity. Our progress tends to suffer when we take more than a few days off. Endomorphs also have to eat at a lower calorie deficit to see weight loss. We are sensitive to carbs (which really resonates with me) and have issues with sugar. Yep. I’ve struggled with all those things, hence my mostly Paleo diet.

As an endomorph, my goal should be to slim down and tone. This will help my naturally smaller waist and curves steal the show. Think Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Lopez. These are both endomorphs who maintain a good weight.

As endomorphs, our goal should never be to be rail thin, that’s not in our genes and even if we achieve it we will struggle to maintain that silhouette. No, our best bet is to embrace our curves, workout with our body type in mind, and be happy to be an extremely feminine shape. I’ve also found this book to be greatly helpful in my endomorph journey. The science and easy to follow guidelines laid out in its pages are very enlightening and make a lot of sense.

Endomorph Eating

As an endomorph we are extremely sensitive to extra calories. (Huge bummer!) Even the littlest overconsumption can lead to a stalemate in weight loss. Or, even worse, weight gain. Extra calories for use get stored as fat easily, so we need to be careful of our intake. Especially when trying to lose weight.

Endomorphs typically have some degree of carb and insulin sensitivity. Carbohydrate rich foods are converted to sugar in the bloodstream, quickly becoming part of our fat store and not used as energy to burn. Did I say bummer yet? I did? Well I meant it . . .  This is one of the reasons endomorphs tend to do better on a Paleo diet. A moderate reduction in carbs will make a significant difference in helping carb-sensitive ladies such as ourselves shift body fat.

Endomorphs do well on a diet that is higher in protein and fat, which I’ve found through trial and error to be very true for me. The ratio that seems to work best is:

  • 30 – 40% carbs
  • 30 – 35% protein
  • 30 – 35% fat

I feel empowered with this knew knowledge! It’s the info I needed to hone my eating and workouts even more.

Exciting change of pace

I know in my recent post about adding more Yoga into my workouts I said I was going to take it a little easier. But! With this newfound knowledge and the emphasis of Cardio for endomorphs, I feel I have to take it all into account and shift gears slightly. This has lead me to my exciting next chapter in my fitness and weight loss journey . . .


I’ve watched so many IG peeps and local friends rave and flaunt their results with crossfit. But, it’s expensive and requires meeting up at certain times every week for the WOD. Even with the price and schedule issues, I’ve decided it’s time to jump in with both feet and make it a priority, because on my own I’m not achieving my desired results. I talked to the owner today at our local box and he was SO NICE! Like, I wanted to cry a bit about how much he seemed to care. Before I start the beginners classes, (which I was completely prepared to do) he wanted me to come and meet everyone, no strings attached. Allowing me to ask questions, and really getting to know my goals.

It was nice to be heard by someone. I’ve felt very alone on my journey for a while now, and to have someone genuinely care meant the world. So here I go! Starting Thursday I tour the facility and meet some of the trainers. I told myself and Travis I would give it two months to see if I’m getting the results I desire. Wish me luck! I’ve heard good things about Spokane Crossfit.

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  1. Interesting, Eryn! I don’t know how excited I am about thinking this deeply about my body type, but I know it would definitely help establish the best type of fitness program for me. I haven’t done Crossfit, yet. Anxious to see / read your thoughts after some time has passed!

  2. This is crazy informative! Loved reading all this info! I’m definitely an ENDOMORPH!

  3. I am also an endomorph! Thank you so much for writing this article, it’s so nice to know I’m not alone.

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