Becoming a morning person (Against my will)

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Mornings have been soooo tough for me lately! I’ve been struggling to rise before the kids all summer long and the results have left me feeling rushed and behind most days. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Yeah . . . I figured I wasn’t alone. If you’ve had the “want” to be a morning person but there’s been little to no follow through so far don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

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morningperson. Noun. (plural morning people) (idiomatic) A person who wakes up without difficulty early each morning and who is alert and active during the first part of the day.

Yeah, I might not be able to get you to the “without difficulty” part but don’t worry, we’ll have you up and at it (half asleep or not) in no time!

I’m all for summertime vacations, relaxation, and a few extra mornings spent between the sheets. It’s summer after all! However, I took that way too far this year. And the thing that disappoints me most is I had my act together so hard last year it was insane. I was like superwoman. Looking back I wonder how the heck I did it. But, I realized that if I did it once, I can do it again so it’s time to get my ‘ish together! Here are a few tips that have been working wonders to get me out of my warm comfy sheets at 5am this week.

Tips for becoming a morning person

#1 – Put it out there

Make yourself accountable to more than just yourself. Post to Facebook, Instagram, or your social media channel of choice that you are committed to waking up at _____ time Monday – Friday for ______ long. Let it be know! Accountability is everything!

#2 – Find a buddy

After I put it out there on social media my friend Christine contacted me and said she’d been struggling too and if I wanted a morning motivation buddy? Yasssss! We text each other at 5am and say we’re up! The only reason I was out of bed this morning was because I knew her text was going to ding on my phone and I better as heck be able to text back!

#3 – Clean and prep

No one loves waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes or a floor scattered with toys. Make it a habit before bedtime to clean a bit. Delegate a chore to each family member that must be completed before hitting the sheets. Pick up the living room, wash the dishes, and generally making the house look semi-presentable. I can say first hand waking up to a clean kitchen is beyond nice! I also get the coffee pot ready to go the night before so I can sleepily push start and smell the pot brewing in seconds. That’s everything people!!!

#4 – Get your mind right

If you’re on the fence about getting up early I encourage you to read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book was a game changer last year when I was marathon training. Even now it’d be good for me to re-read and get pumped again. Because that’s what this book does, it pumps you up and makes you actually excited to get up early. Seriously, I realize that’s hard to imagine, but trust me and check it out!

#5 Make a rewards system

Some of us work better under pressure or if there’s something at stake. If you’re a person who pushes hard if you know there’s a nice prize at the end then my all means make a system for yourself! Maybe a mini shopping spree if you are consistent for a whole month, or a trip to the spa for a facial or pedicure? I’m all about rewarding myself for accomplishments! No shame here!

#6 Go to bed early

This one is huge and totally makes a difference with me wanting to get up or not. I’m one of those people who in the evenings always say, “I’m going to do this one more thing before going to bed,” but then continues to say that over and over until I’ve done ten things . . . and I still have more I could do. Ladies, we gotta shut that down! When I hit the sheets at 11:30 after “just one more thing” I know that as much as I want to, there’s no way I’m getting out of bed when my alarm goes of. Natta. Ain’t happenin. So get to bed early! I try to have the kids in bed by 9pm, and Travis and I in bed at 9:30 with phones off and lights out by 10. It’s been a big reason I’ve been able to fall out of bed (literally, I fell this morning) at 5am.

#8 You become part of The Morning Club. Yep, it’s a thing. 

Hello! Hashtag central. We all like to brag about how we manage to get out of bed in the morning. (Regardless of if we fell out or not, it still counts.) And we LOVE supporting the other crazy ladies who do it too!

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Yep, it’s a club and you know you want in on it. 😉

#9 It’s kinda addicting

This is hard to admit, especially when you’re screaming at your phone and trying to hit snooze so the alarm doesn’t wake your kids up at 5am, (That would pretty much defeat the purpose of getting up early) but when 10am rolls around and you’ve accomplished so much you feel a tiny bit like a badass and there might even be a strut in your step. You’ve already done what would take you most days until 6pm to complete. Heck you could even read a book if your kids weren’t trying to send each other to the hospital every five minutes. (This might be an over exaggeration. (I stress *Might.*))

 #10 Life is just smoother when you get up early

I get my workout done sooner, the laundry seems to be done in a more regular fashion, I even ironed a few shirts today, go figure, I hate (loath to the deepest, darkest degree) ironing, so there’s that. . . Yes, life runs smoother when you’re up earlier. It’s just a fact. (I have no stats to support this, but I seem reliable right?) So give it a try and if you have any tips let me know in the comments! Share your tricks!

Eryn Whalen

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  1. Going to bed early is the hardest part for me. I suppose if you have plenty of sleep your body will naturally wake you up now if it will naturally go to sleep! lol

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