30 ways to give this holiday season

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The holidays are fun, stressful, filled with memories, and also a time to bless and share with others! Here are my favorite 30 ways to give this time of year.

Side note, how does Christmas always seem to sneak up on me? I want to be prepared, I tell myself I will be, and then I wake up one day and suddenly it’s December and I haven’t completed half the things I was sure I would by this point. Have you also been there?

Starting last year I vowed that through the holidays, I was going to try really hard to be more giving. More friendly. Heck, I’ll do that Starbucks thing and purchase coffee for the person behind me.

I consider myself a pretty giving person, but when we get busy (and who doesn’t around this time of year) it can become every man for themselves. When honestly, the busier it get’s is when it’s more important than ever to look to those around us for ways we can bless and support them. Tis the season y’all!

30 ways to give to others

Below are some ways you and I can spread the love this Christmas season and show that regardless of how much money or time we have, we can all squeeze in a bit more compassion and giving this December.

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30 ways to show kindness this holiday season

  1. Send a letter to someone you think needs encouragement.

  2. Leave a kind message on a post it for a coworker, friend, or special someone where they’ll find it throughout the day.

  3. Bring a special someone lunch or surprise them with dinner.

  4. When the checkout person asks if you’d like to round up or give a dollar to charity, do it.

  5. Complement someone on something other than their appearance.

  6. Make a cookie or snack platter for someone just because.

  7. Get your kids involved. Ask them how they’d like to give back this season. Then make it happen.

  8. Donate to the local shelter or take part in a food drive.

  9. Gift your favorite book to a stranger.

  10. Drop off dinner for a family in need.

  11. Share on Facebook or other social media platform about something you feel could benefit a large amount of people. (podcast etc)

  12. Volunteer at a local shelter or church.

  13. Do the dishes after a party for a friend.

  14. Handwrite thank you cards.

  15. Take an extra half hour to read an extra long book to your kids, nephews, or friends children.

  16. Say thank you more often. Mean it.

  17. Help someone run errands.

  18. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

  19. Give an extra large tip to the waiter.

  20. Bring lunch for your coworkers.

  21. Treat yourself and a friend to a mani or pedi.

  22. Send someone flowers or a special gift.

  23. Grab coffee with someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

  24. Bring your baristas a gift.

  25. Volunteer at a local animal shelter, or call and ask what kind of donations they need.

  26. Participate in Operation Christmas Child.

  27. Double the batch of your favorite dish and drop part of it off to a neighbor who could benefit from a night off dinner duty.

  28. Give blood.

  29. Donate your time to a needy cause.

  30. Share this list with someone special and help spread the spirit of giving this holiday season.

We all add up

If everyone who read this did a few things on this list the impact it could have on our communities would be great. Don’t underestimate the ability you have to change someones day for the better and to touch their lives with a smile and a simple helping hand.

30 ways to give this holiday season

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